Sir Gilles d'Ambray

Commander of Fort Rosemont


Sir Gilles is a tall, stern man with short graying hair. He has a distinctive scar across his left cheek, and he carries himself like a man who has seen many years of combat.

Sir Gilles is Lawful Good, so he is committed to order and fulfilling the requirements of the law. However, he is somewhat flexible in his arbitration of the law, and he rewards initiative in his followers. He also recognizes that with a war on his doorstep, he will need every able-bodied fighter he can get. He is strict with punishment and generous with rewards. He does not hold grudges.

Despite an otherwise ascetic lifestyle, Gilles has a weakness for fine food and wine.


Sir Gilles is very forthcoming about his past. If the PCs ask about his background, he is a Paladin in the service of Alasse and has served in the Capetian military for over 20 years. He was on crusade with King Roland a few years ago, and when they returned, he was granted command of Rosemont in recognition of his long service.

Sir Gilles d'Ambray

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