A Timeline of Recent Events

Rihan’s Revenge takes place in Year 43 of the 11th Cycle after Orrian’s defeat of the archdragon Lagocrius.

37 – King Alard III of Genest departs on a crusade to Thummam.

38 – Word of a terrible disease from the south reaches the lands of the Middle Sea. It has no known cure.

39 – Alard has a relatively successful campaign in the east. However, he ultimately fails to retake Arihalla.

39 – The last trade ship from the lands south of the Middle Sea arrives in Capet. The ship and its crew are torched before it can dock. No more ships come from the south.

40 – Alard and Emperor Baldar bet Axa strike a peace agreement. Thummam retains control of Arihalla, but Alassen and Zaori pilgrims are now allowed to ascend the Holy Mountain.

41 – In a surprise attack, Alard’s son Wymark the Red and King Roland IV of Capet kill Alard. Wymark becomes King of Genest.

41 – Wymark and Roland argue over who will marry the beautiful Jehane de Civille. She was originally betrothed to Roland, but during the campaign, she and Wymark became lovers. Wymark and Roland declare war on each other, as Jehane escapes to her family on the island of Salamanca. Unable to bear the bloodshed on account of her famed beauty, she commits suicide by leaping from a tower into the sea. The poets love this. Wymark and Roland are now bitterest rivals.

41 – Baldar bet Axa dies of the disease now known as the Arettine Plague. His many offspring squabble over the inheritance, leaving the empire in ruins.

41 – The plague passes through the Thummam empire. Some towns are decimated, others are completely spared. No one understands the pattern.

42 – The plague reaches Ambracia. The Hierophant and his court flee to the mountains beyond Monte Serini. The major cities are devastated.

42 – Baldar bet Axa’s second daughter Rihan, the Black Jewel of Akhet, emerges triumphant over her siblings and is crowned Empress of Thummam.

42 – Genest and Capet close their borders with Ambracia. Ambracian ships attempting to dock are burnt before they can reach shore.

43 – Rihan wages a bloody campaign against Ambracia, conquering the southern half of the plague-weakened kingdom in a few short months. The Hierophant is still alive, as far as anyone knows, and flees with the Ambracian royal family to try and find allies among the Dwarven Kingdoms in the North. Rihan establishes her court in the Royal Palace of Monte Sereni.

A Timeline of Recent Events

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