Important Locations

There are five major civilizations at play in Rihan’s Revenge:

Capet is the nation farthest west along the north border of the Middle Sea. Its capital is Claraval. The current ruler is King Roland III. The language spoken is Angevin and the religion is Alassen.

Bordering Capet to the north is the country of Genest, ruled by King Wymark. Its capital is Monfort. The countries were once allies, but they now experience a tense truce. The language is Angevin and the religion is Alassen.

Centrally located along the north border of the Middle Sea is Ambracia, home to scholars and the seat of the Hierophant of the Alassen faith. The capital is Monte Sereni. It is ruled by Queen Aleydis. The language is Ambracian, which is the lingua franca of scholars and merchants. The religion is, of course, Alassen.

Thummam is a vast empire on the eastern edge of the Middle Sea. It is ruled by the ferocious Empress Rihan. The capital of Thummam is Sha Ya, but its most important city is Arihalla, the site of Orrian’s holy battle with the dragon Logocrius. Arihalla is located atop Mount Qabais.

Zaor is the displaced civilization of the Elves. The kingdom was once located in the present-day River Kingdoms east of Ambracia, and their capital Lellalenor was called the most glorious city in the world. Centuries ago, the city and its land were destroyed by magic in warfare between the Alassen and Thummami. Now the Zaori roam the lands north of the Middle Sea as nomads or live in ghettos in human cities.

Minor Locations

The Dwarven Kingdoms
Myriad dwarven kingdoms are built into the mountains that run from east to west above Ambracia, Genest, and Thummam. The Dwarves seldom leave their isolation, however.

Angeve is a small, autonomous province between Genest and Capet. The royal houses of Capet and Genest share a common lineage. Both royal houses are derived from Geoffre of Angeve, who divided his kingdom between his two sons. As such, together Genest and Capet are called the Angevin kingdoms, and the same name is given to their language.

Since both kingdoms have equal claim to the province, they agreed to allow it to remain a free duchy.

Salamanca is an island off the south coast of Capet. Though not officially a part of Capet, Salamanca pays tribute to that nation and is ruled by King Roland’s brother, Duke Valentin. The city of Civille on Salamanca is where the famous beauty Jehane leapt to her death.

Akhet is a city-state far to the south of Thummam. It is said to be a splendid city and is famous for its exotic trade goods. No merchants have come out of Akhet, however, since the plague beset the south.

Important Locations

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