Notable Figures


King Roland IV, current ruler of Capet
Duke Valentin, ruler of Salamanca, his brother
Duchess Leonia de Clare, Valentin’s wife
– General Renaud Danvers, Roland’s chief advisor

Sir Gilles d’Ambray, commander of Fort Rosemont
– Poncet de Tocni (deceased), Gilles’s squire
Evrard d’Ecot, Gilles’s steward

Citizens of Rosemont
- Bernard, innkeeper of the Wandering Wolf tavern
- Lucie, waitress at the Wandering Wolf
- Elfire the Bard, a drunken troubadour (no doubt not his real name)


King Alard III of Genest (deceased)

King Wymark, current ruler of Genest
Princess Dulcinea, his younger sister
Eglentina Vane, his betrothed


Jehane de Civille (deceased), the most beautiful woman in the world


Emperor Baldar bet Axa of Thummam (deceased)

Empress Rihan, the Black Jewel of Akhet, ruler of Thummam and conqueror of Ambracia


Hierophant Ignacius II, the leader of the Alassen faith (fled)

Queen Aleydis de Gisneto of Ambracia (fled)
Dionysius de Gisneto, the Royal Consort (fled)
– Various members of the Ambracian royal family (fled)

Notable Figures

Rihan's Revenge Aphaia