Main deities/religions worshipped by the PCs and served by clerics and paladins reflect the three major religions along the Middle Sea. Alassen and Thummam followers are very intolerant of one another. A Thummam player traveling in Capet would keep their faith a secret if they wanted to avoid persecution (and vice versa). Zaori are tolerated at best, preyed upon at worst. A Zaori may choose to worship a particular god of the pantheon above all others. The three main gods are most commonly worshipped, but minor deities also have followers. Work with the PCs to facilitate their wishes in accordance with the greater culture of the world.

Dwarves and other races may be treated according to the rulebooks, or however you wish. Non-humans may have converted to the human religions, and vice versa.

Human Deities

Orrian (Life, War, Death) sacred to both Thummam and Alassen worshippers, Orrian governs birth, death, and war. He is Lawful Neutral.

Alasse (Light, Knowledge) Orrian’s second child, Alasse is the figure from whom the Alassen faith derive their name. She is associated with chastity, virtue, and healing. She is Lawful Good.

Thum (Nature, Tempest, Trickery) Orrian’s eldest child, Thum is the main god of the Thummam. He is associated with mysteries, trickery, storms, and journeys. He is Chaotic Good.

Camlast the White (Orrian’s father) and Zaharie and Keya (Orrian’s wives) also have minor mystery cults associated with them.

Elven Deities

Amyria (Light, War) Orrian’s mother Amyria governs Justice and War. She is Lawful Good.

Ellmalume (Tempest, Trickery, Knowledge) The goddess of the Moon, Ellmalume is the patron of poets, scholars, musicians, and travelers. She is Chaotic Neutral.

Rasa Kalom (Nature, Life) The god of Nature, Rasa Kalom governs the healing arts and protects the young. He is Neutral Good.

Dwarven Deities

Dwarves worship a wide pantheon of gods. A Dwarf character’s religion is at the DM’s discretion.


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