Empress Rihan

The current Empress of Thummam


In the years following her father Baldar bet Axa’s death in 41, Rihan waged political war on her siblings, gradually eliminating them to emerge as the new Empress of Thummam in 42.

In 43, Rihan invaded Ambracia, citing revenge against the nations who crusaded against her country. The Arettine Plague preceded her invasion, making the capture of the south of Ambracia a simple matter. Now, she turns her sights west to Genest and Capet.

Rihan is called the Black Jewel of Akhet, a great trade city south of Thummam where she was born. She was acknowledge in the Emperor’s court at a young age, though he never acknowledged her mother. Her mother’s identity remains speculative, especially since Rihan claims no matronymic.

Empress Rihan

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